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You will be guaranteed to get the best options with Pax Assurances.

We are expert condominium insurance brokers. Our mission is to guide clients during the creation their insurance solutions.

Because insurance can be complex, Pax Assurances is committed to guiding you every step of the way.

Why choose Pax Assurances ?

How do our brokers support you step by step?

Trusting Pax Assurances brokers to find your insurance solutions means ensuring :
  • Full transparency in the marketing process
  • One of the largest choices of insurers in the province of Quebec
  • A guaranteed solution for all files, even the most complex ones
  • Condo insurance expertise and personnalised advice
  • Market and insurance presentations on premises

Choosing Pax Assurances for your condominium insurance means choosing easy access a dedicated broker who will be available to help you throughout the entire process.

Throughout the mandate, the Pax Assurances broker will be fully committed to guiding you with their expertise and supporting you in the event of a claim. In the event of water damage, we are able to quickly task a firm to help you with the claims assessment.

your customised solution

Which options to choose to insure syndicate and co-ownership ?

Your contract basis
Protects your co-owners association and its personal property against material damage or bodily injury that might be unintentionally caused to others.
Protects you and your co-owners against financial consequences in case of errors committed by your administration.
Expensive machines, electrical systems and boilers will be covered by this protection.
One of the most frequent claims.
Your selection of options
Covers your condo association’s property in the event of damage caused by fire, theft, and vandalism.
Scientists warn that the Province of Quebec might be at risk of experiencing a major earthquake soon. Be insured !
Floods are going to be more and more common. Flood insurance should never be omitted.
C’est l’assurance permettant au syndicat de se couvrir contre des vols ou détournements monétaires de ses employés ou de tiers.
Covers condo fees the association would not be able to collect in case of damages caused to different units.

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